The Hand and Wrist Institute

The Hand and Wrist Institute was founded in Southern California in 2009 by Dr. John Knight. The Institute has become a leading brand in hand and wrist surgery. Dr. Knight has developed this center of excellence around his expertise as a hand and upper extremity specialist with over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 surgical procedures performed.

While most patients that come to The Hand and Wrist Institute can be cured with conservative treatment, for those that do require surgery, Dr. Knight performs minimally invasive techniques utilizing the latest cutting edge technology. With this philosophy that “Less is better,” there is usually less scarring and a quicker recovery after surgery. The hallmarks of minimally invasive procedures in hand and wrist surgery are the Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release and Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy.

In addition to quality care, Dr. Knight believes that the key to success of The Hand and Wrist Institute has been efficient care. In order to achieve this goal, the Institute has an incredible support staff to make sure that the patient has a smooth, seamless process from the scheduling of the initial appointment through the ultimate resolution of their condition.

The Hand and Wrist Institute has become a leader, both nationally and internationally, through an effective internet presence with a state of the art website featuring articles and videos to help educate the population on the most common conditions and procedures for upper extremity injuries and disorders. Through the use of online virtual consultations, The Hand and Wrist Institute has given second opinions to patients in many areas of the world where hand and wrist specialists can be impossible to find and, in many cases, has helped patients avoid either the wrong procedure or surgery all together.

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