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In addition to our flagship institute in Beverly Hills, the Hand and Wrist Institute also maintains a treatment facility in Newport Beach, serving patients in Orange County as well as other regions of Southern California not easily accessible to our central facility. This satellite office makes use of sophisticated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, which allows Dr. Knight and his staff to access all patient records at the stroke of a key or the press of a finger. This is highly convenient for the doctor and the staff, as it cuts down on clutter and the day-to-day difficulties of maintaining extensive patient charts on paper.

For the convenience of our patients, there is an imaging facility located mere steps away from our treatment facility, so that you can simply walk from there to our office for your appointment. This is unlike many other doctors’ offices, where you may have to drive to two separate locations to obtain x-rays and then see the doctor. Once your images are taken, we can then access them through the previously mentioned EMR system at the touch of a button, allowing Dr. Knight to view the images immediately during your examination. This way, you can follow along as he explains the significance of his findings, and be fully aware of the reasoning behind his treatment recommendations.

The Hand and Wrist Institute maintains a close working relationships with therapy facilities all over Southern California that specialize in working with the hand, wrist, and upper extremity, so that wherever you live, we will be able to find a facility near you, and coordinate your ongoing care through them.

Our Approach

Dr. Knight and the staff of the Hand and Wrist Institute are dedicated to providing the utmost in patient care, and we do all in our power to create a calming environment that is conducive to expedited patient care and recovery. Unless surgery is the only option to remedy what ails you, Dr. Knight is committed to engaging in conservative treatment of all kinds until it is no longer effective. This may take the form of ergonomic evaluations, ongoing therapy, splinting, or steroid injections, all of which can often treat or even cure conditions of the hand and wrist without surgical intervention.

As a trained surgeon, however, Dr. Knight is fully prepared and qualified to inform and educate you about the surgical options that may be necessary in treating your injuries. He specializes in minimally invasive procedures that require very little time in the operating room, and, subsequently, a greatly reduced recovery period. This concern for patient comfort and ease of recovery means that you are in the best of hands when treating with the Hand and Wrist Institute, and will be able to get back to your life with as little discomfort and pain as possible.


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